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Very important, in learning the piano, is working relationship between teacher and student. It's teacher's responsibility, on one hand, to help student to be concentrated on the lesson, but on the other hand to make them feel relaxed and comfortable at the piano.

Matylda is a great teacher. Her patience and easy-going style during lessons has motivated me to keep learning and I believe this is what makes her great. She loves her job and she really care about the students. I have truly enjoyed the lessons! Thank you very much!

Sean (age: 8)

Matylda with Sean

I always look forward to my saturday lesson with Matylda. She is a great teacher, knows how to motivate me and she gets the best out of me ! I have never learnt music until today and she makes it very accessible and enjoyable. She has helped me to prepare a surprise for my brother's wedding. It was a music of my choice and her help and support have been immense. A fantastic teacher for everyone and anyone looking to learn the piano.

Caroline (age: 29)

Matylda with Caroline

Having spent some time looking for a piano teacher I was very relieved to find Matylda. She is a very patient yet motivating teacher who always makes me feel welcome at lessons.
The biggest compliment I can pay her is to say that after around 10 years of trying to get started learning to play I have finally committed to it full time. This is in a large part due to Matylda's enthusiasm and encouragement.
Thank you and look forward to my future lessons :)

Colin (age: 35)

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