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Everyone has heard that playing an instrument is very beneficial for our kids. But do you know why piano lessons are actually such a great activity for your child? First of all playing the piano engages all the senses. That is why it improves the memory, our reading and comprehension skills, it teaches patience and perseverance. Playing the piano helps children to sharpen their concentration and hand-eye coordination. It develops their emotionality and personality.

What is more, it has been scientifically proven that learning music can help children with attention and hearing disorders, dyslexia and autism. Playing the piano stimulates developing both right and left hemispheres equally. Due to systematic piano lessons, children will not have any problem with analytical thinking in the furute. It is also worth noting that human ear is responsible not only for hearing, but also for straightening the body posture. It controls our speech, tongue, voice and improves our spatial orientation. It also stimulates cerebral cortex.

We have to remember that besides these benefits playing a musical instument, first of all, gives a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

No one is too old to begin piano lessons, but the best ages to start are from 5-6 to 8 (it depends e.g. on their size of hand or interest in music). I especially encourage parents of such children (aged 8 years and below), to book two 30-minute lessons weekly as it is the most efficient way of learning for the youngest pupils. Those parents are suggested to stay with their children during the lesson to help them practise at home afterwards.