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How to boost our and our children’s brain and develop intelligence.

As we all know, music has a positive influence on our brain’s work. This is a very extensive topic, but today I only wanted to emphasise some basic facts on music’s influence on our IQ. In the articles that will followI will try to get to the bottom of the subject. Scientists prove that even in the foetal period music has a beneficial impact on foetus’ brain development and so does on baby’s IQ. A series of studies related to this problem were conducted in the U.S. and it was proved that children of women who listened to music during pregnancy would become more sensitive, creative and more capable to concentrate.

Listening to music during pregnancy makes the bond between mother and her child tighter, what is crucial for development of the newborn. It is very important that mother bestow her love upon the infant, as it has great influence on their emotional development and determines their whole life. That is why I encourage all prospective mums to listen to music as it will provide a better start for your children.

But does it matter what kind of music we listen to? Certainly, it does. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend listening to rock music. The studies show that high pitched sounds influence boosting our brain and relaxing our body. It should rather be a peaceful music, so called relaxing music. That’s what is suggested by scientists like dr A. Tomatis and D. Campbell. They give an example of Mozart’s music. His pieces are marked by incredible harmonic order, logic and peaceful beat with clear music flow.

A baby in mother’s womb reacts to different sounds from the outside from as early as three months. Nice and peaceful Mozart’s music will be a very positive experience for them. Campbell proves that this music influences remarkably on baby’s mental potential. In future their following abilities will be more developed: analytical skills (it will ease learning Science), imagination (extremely important in every field of our lives), speech development will progress faster and their memorising skills will be improved.

And how we, adults can help ourselves concentrate better, be more productive at work, and to relax our mind and body? Nowadays, there is a variety of forms of relaxing our brain to make it more productive in this hectic life we have(work, children, etc.). If we don’t have time for our hobbies or to simply go out, we can do something for ourselves at home, during our daily activities – let’s listen to classical music while being busy. I would like to cite another research – listening to music kept in 60 beat per minute helps in speed learning process and memorising. For instance, peaceful beat pieces of J.S.Bach, F. Handel and A. Vivaldi can help us with:
- reducing blood pressure,
- lowering heart rate,
- reducing stress level,
- relaxing our body,
- fading brain waves,
- reducing depression risk,
- improving our immunological system (we are rarely sick),
- improving our creativity,
- soothing pain (it decrease migraine frequency),
- improving our productivity at work,
- improving our mood.

There is one sure thing - it’s never too early or too late for listening to music. And that’s why I encourage everyone to listen to classical music!