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Matylda Oleksy

Hi, my name is Matylda! Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Piano with Passion if you want to start or carry on your adventure with playing the piano in Chester:

1. The location is very convenient

I conduct lessons for children and adults in a house (in a very bright room), which is located in Handbrindge - only 5 walk from Chester Centre. The place is easily accessible from all parts of Chester and surrounding areas not only by car, but also by bus.

2. I have experience

I have been playing the piano for 25 years and teaching it for 10 years. I have previously taught about a hundred students (mainly children) in two state and one private music school in Poland and also over 50 students (children and adults) in Manchester as private tutor.

3. I am a fully qualified piano teacher

I have graduated from and received my Master's degree at one of the best Polish music academies - The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice. I studied there and gained a diploma in piano teaching.

4. I teach effectively

My previous pupils participated in numerous competitions - school, regional and countrywide ones - achieving excellent results. I have also won prizes for accompaniment in various instrumental contests. What is more, my students have always passed their exams with flying colours.

5. You can just try for only £5

The first, 30-minute taster piano lesson will cost you as little as £5.

6. You'll not overspend for the piano classes

To encourage my students to practise the piano on a regular basis I offer 4 and 8 lesson blocks (lessons once/twice a week). Prices start from only £55.

7. Atmosphere on the lessons is always pleasant

I have a really positive attitude to children - I would like to introduce them to the world of music and share with them my passion. By creating a pleasant atmosphere in class my aim will be to make them love to play piano. Even if you are older, I will have lots of patience to teach you everything step by step.

8. It doesn't matter how old you are

I teach children from the age of 5-6. But to learn playing the piano with me you can be much older. The lessons will always be adjusted to your needs and abilities.

9. You will always find time to for a lesson

I conduct lessons from 2:30pm until 9pm on weekdays, on Saturday (9am-4pm) and Sunday (9am-12pm) - so you can always find a convenient time for your piano classes.

10. You'll be able to play your favourite song

Piano tuition has to be enjoyable. What could be more satisfying that being capable of playing your cherished song on the piano? I am always open to include a new piece/song to our piano classes.

Have you decided to start piano lessons or you would just like to try? Sign up for a taster lesson for £5.

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Thank You! I'll write back to you as soons as possible to arrange a piano lesson for you :)